Every company thinks they’re unique in some way. Here at Hejmdal we have 5 key attributes that we think are unique to us which are key to delivering you with the best quality executive search possible.

We believe there are number of things which set us apart from other Executive Search firms. Primarily, it is our people

Acquiring consultants with the broadest and most in depth knowledge of their market is crucial to delivering at the highest level. In tandem with this comes our background; borne from years of networking and working with the best leaders in the industry, we have proven and total faith in the fortitude of the relationships we have built up. Perhaps most important is our passion, evident through our unwavering drive to deliver only the very best for our clients

Hejmdal’s associates have held middle and senior level positions in companies such as JP Morgan, McKinsey, Accenture and Microsoft. This means that we have a deep understanding of the markets that your business operates in.

Our first-hand industry experience allows us to better understand our client’s needs and issues without having to undergo on-the-job training for each assignment.


We operate at the optimal size. We have global and national reach without giving up attention to detail, industry expertise, and personal touch. We work with a select number of companies in each industry sector. Given this, we are not heavily constrained by off-limits issues.


We are privately held and owned 100% by the employees. There are no stockholders to keep happy and we have no corporate bureaucracy to support or worry about. We can focus solely on our clients.


We personally lead every aspect of the search. We take on a limited number of searches so that we can provide the best service. We are highly involved and communicative in our approach.


At the core of our values, we understand that the only way to conduct ourselves is through maintaining a high level of integrity.
Being able to do so always starts with an honest and open relationship with our clients and candidates. That is why is it important for us to firstly understand the needs behind the search and then understand the candidates’ ambition.


Our aim is to continue growing the company organically. Hejmdal was founded on the belief that exceptional value can only be created in an environment of highly skilled and experienced individuals. This allows us to challenge each other and the people we work with. This belief will continue to drive our global growth and increase our market insights in multiple sectors enabling us to remain a long-term trusted advisor.