We believe in the importance of creating a sustainable performance culture, where everyone thrives professionally and personally

Hejmdal Executive Search was established in London in 2016

Hejmdal then opened an office in Hong Kong and a further one in Copenhagen. We have a long track record of advising clients at the most senior level in our own markets. Curating and managing an unparalleled, global network of industry leader.

We all specialise in placing senior-level executive professionals across various industry sectors. Our team is focused on building long-term relationships with clients and candidates, gaining a deep understanding of individual needs and delivering the highest quality solutions.

As our searches are borderless, we operate beyond geographical constraints which means we offer our clients both global capability and local sensitivity.

When we refer to borderless, we mean physically, working from anywhere in the world.

Whether it’s from the French or Swiss Alps or on a beach somewhere as we don’t believe in confining our researches in an office. Instead, they can choose where they work from.

This is because we all have one thing in common; Everyone is equally passionate about their work and their hobbies, as an example, some members of our team are previous sponsored climbers and have opened new ice climbing routes in Nepal or Greenland, other are keen skiers or mountaineers. Whatever the preferred sports, we are constantly pushing the boundaries, physically and mentally, and this also shows in the quality of our work. At Hejmdal, these qualities are something we value highly as we don’t believe anyone can perform in life or at work without the right balance and we are proud to provide an environment that supports this.

The meaning of Hejmdal – Hejmdal is one of the oldest Norse gods. He sits at the end of the sky and guards the bridge Bifrost for trespassers. He needs less sleep than a bird and can see things 100 miles off whether it is day or night.